Smart Technology for smart asset tracking

CLOUD KB gives meter operators complete control of assets and data

MATS – our Meter Asset Tracking System – supplies market data communication interfaces for Meter Operators (MOPs and MAMs) to help them meet their regulatory requirements and to better support accurate invoicing.
MATS seamlessly combines gas and electric data, so our customers can use one piece of software to manage all flows, whether your supplier still delivers job requests in traditional formats or uses a bespoke solution. In addition to data flows, MATS provides modules
In addition to data flows, MATS provides modules to manage inventory (meters not on circuit) and assets (meter points to which the Meter Operator is appointed). MATS is built for the future, too. Our software has already helped one Meter Operator become one of the first to install SMETS2 meters – from inventory to data updates.
The secret to MATS is dynamic mapping. Incoming data – from market participants or workflow tools  – is routed to the correct validation and processing modules and outgoing data is formatted correctly and delivered to the right recipient.
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Our Services

Cloud KB removes the stress of data flow management for MOAs with our MATS software. You can choose the full suite – from inventory to managed asset – or select only the software that’s most relevant for you:


The core MATS module of Data Flow Management handles all the MAM and MOP flows associated with jobs and data necessary for regulatory compliance. From appointment to de-appointment, and from ORJOB or D0142 to ONUPD or D0303, MATS accepts and creates the flows you need to run your MOA business.


MATS records the meter inventory you have in stock and not yet on circuit or which has been removed from a site and not yet returned to manufacturer


The MATS Asset Management module gives you an accurate and detailed view of all the assets to which you are appointed. From meter details to asset provider and job history, this module will supply all the data needed for audit trails and accurate billing.

Cloud KB has considerable experiance  in the world of utilities.


We’re happy to advise and support you across a range of issues – from market accreditation to regulatory flows.

We can also recommend cloud computing solutions (see next) if you feel the time is right to ditch your server room and take advantage of the more elastic capacity offered by the cloud.


Cloud KB is a software company and we can develop bespoke software to meet the most demanding of your needs using the latest technology.

From requirements gathering through to project managing the build and then testing and deploying the final software, we have the team in place to deliver.


Businesses take advantage of the cloud for many reasons, including:

• Ability to immediately scale capacity
• Pay only for the computing power used
• Ditch the costly server room and recover space
• Access the latest versions of software easily
• Access software and business data anywhere

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About Us

Cloud KB is a cloud infrastructure and migration specialist. Since 2010, we’ve been working with businesses to create innovative business solutions.

Experience gained working in the energy sector has allowed us to combine the innovations of cloud computing with the demands of energy market participants. Putting our technical innovation to the service of your expertise ensures that we can work together to find the best service to help your business improve profits, reduce costs, and gain competitive advantage.

Taking advantage of cloud computing means:

No redundant software licenses tying up costs
No server rooms to create and stock
No costly data centres to maintain
No dedicated staff to maintain equipments and software
If you would like to learn more about any of our services, call us on: 0203 538 0911


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